Planner-Plus increases the efficiency of Destination-Section, reducing time and effort spent to create more value for the Planner, Client and Industry.

Planner-Plus helps simplify the complexity of Destination-selection (especially those with multiple-origin attendees) and saves countless hours of effort by using real-time databases of key planning variables to help select the most optimal Destination for your next Event. 


Planner-Plus offers the following benefits: 

Benefits to Individuals and Organisations 

  • Savings in Time, Effort, Money
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • Increased ability to reduce conflict between Clients/Colleagues during project planning (Unless they wish to argue with Facts) 
  • Increased ability to plan more Environmentally Sustainable Events 
  • Better staff retention and talent development
  • Increased ability to present options professionally to stakeholders within shorter times, and speed up decision making
  • Increased ability to present accurate and up to date key information for clients or management to make a decision through automated reports
  • Increased ability to present multiple options professionally to management whilst minimizing hours spent on research 
  • Increased ability to present customise your own unique  profile to shape your final professional recommendation
  • Increased ability to spend more time on other qualitative and value-creating aspects of planning and execution
  • Increased ability to calculate the actual time/cost Impact of factors such as being stuck in traffic for a group of staff, availability of CVB support, etc
  • Levels the playing field vis-a-vis larger firms with the manpower for ‘research’, whilst allowing unique characteristics to stand out. 

Benefits To Educational Institutions 

  • Augment professional training with a focus on practical outcomes through the use of Planner-Plus
  • Ability to spend more time on training other key skills needed for Industry 

Benefits To Industry

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased ability to Innovate better systems, processes, products, services & IP
  • Increased ability to focus on Delivery leading to better outcomes 
  • Increased Staff morale and ability to retain and develop talent
  • Increased Professionalism
  • Enhanced Value of the Meeting Profession through Technological Innovation



Enjoy the following features with Planner-Plus:

1. Intelligent Scoring System

  • Planner-Plus facilitates Destination-selection utilising prioritised preferences for standardised Considerations including: Safety, Pollution, Traffic and Budget.
  • Users can utilise these scores to narrow down their Destination choices in minutes, saving time and effort and increasing planning effciency. 

2. Key indexes for Destination Selection 

  • The following indexes are built into Planner-Plus, with more indexes to be added in future for enhanced decision-making:

          i. Safety Index

          ii. Pollution Index

          iii. Traffic Index

          iv. Halal-friendliness Index         

  • Indexes used are from credible index providers and/or subject matter authorities.

3. Destination City Alerts 

  • Planner-Plus alerts users should there be major occurrences with the potential to impact Destination selection. Scenarios in our database include extreme weather, major events/festivals, disease outbreaks or other disturbances. Users have the choice of proceeding with such Destinations or opt for new ones. 

4.“LIVE” flights and hotel costs

  • Planner-Plus works with partners that offer "LIVE" information for flights and hotels worldwide to support your planning needs with the most accurate information possible.  
  • A unique feature of Planner-Plus is the ability to plan travel from multiple origin cities for a better overview of Travel costs, all done within minutes.   

5. Trip Budgetting Made Easy

  • Flight and hotel sleeping/meeting rooms constitute a major part of user budgets, significantly affecting Destination selection.
  • With Planner-Plus, Budgeting to narrow down Destination options can be done efficiently and effectively in minutes. 

6. Save Options for Future Use

  • Planner-Plus make planning for future events easier by allowing users to save, reuse and edit previous trips planned

7. Professionally Formatted Reports in Minutes 

  • Planner-Plus generates professionally formatted reports in minutes you may share with your colleagues and other stakeholders for efficient decision-making.  

Planner-Plus was made to help increase quality of decision-making and work.
We invite you to contact us if you would like to suggest additional features to make it even more helpful to users.
Thank you.