Efficient Real-Time Fact-Based Decision-Making for your next Destination

Planner-Plus facilitates Real-Time planning and decision-making individually or as a team on an easy-to-use platform with your fellow trip planners, be they Colleageus, Clients, Friends or Family. Easily and quickly arrange flights and accommodations choosing among the best available options available, "LIVE".

Save Time and Effort, Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity 

Planner-Plus allows objective data-driven decision making backed by real statistical and factual insights, whilst also allowing your own personal preferences to lead to a Destination decision that is 'best' for you. Individuals and organisations alike can use this tool to save countless hours of inefficient and inaccurate information gathering in the industry, allowing Planners to focus on other crucial aspects of Project management for better event outcomes.



Configurable for Consumer and Enterprise Application

With time saved, project costs will diminish; Planner-Plus benefits the Planner, Clients and Industry, with greater efficiency allowing a better quality of work and life. 

Planner-Plus is free-to-use with limited features for individual Consumers.

If you're an Enterprise seeking enhanced features, please Contact us to find out more.